Online Tabla Classes: Get the Expert Advice on Technical Development

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Due to its rich tone and sound technique, tabla has become a significant part of Indian music, and its popularity develops year after year across the world. This instrument has evolved over the last decade to the point that it is now commonly performed and appreciated in the field of solo performance, much like other vocal concerts. Following this reasoning, tabla players such as Ustad Allah Rakha, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Tanmoy Bose, Bikram Ghosh, and others have earned several honors not only in India but also in other countries as well. With the growing popularity of tabla, a greater percentage of people are showing interest in enrolling in online tabla classes offered by a reputed music school to learn the instrument effectively.

Today in this blog post, we are going to share some expert tabla-playing advice for those who are passionate about playing this musical instrument.

5 Important Tips for Improving Your Tabla Practise

  1. Recognising The Correct Posture – Before you begin playing the tabla, you need to understand posture and body stance. The tabla musician must also sit in a specific manner. The best position for the tabla player is to arrange the tabla in front of you so that you may play tabla with ease by keeping your back straight and sitting cross-legged on the ground. Each drum should have one hand on it. When playing, the hands should not be too high above the skin, nor should the fingers be too open.
  2. Learn The Instrument And The Tuning Process – Knowing the anatomy of any musical instrument is a good starting point for playing it. Following the facts, understanding the function of each component of the Tabla will help your learning process. You should also understand how to care for it since the best tones come from a well-maintained instrument. The Tabla should be maintained at room temperature even while not in use. In addition, they should not be stored in cold or moist environments.
  3. Listening to Inspiring Tabla Players – Listening to Ustads like Zakir Hussain, Pandit Shankar Ghosh, and many more legends should be part of your learning process. No matter how many times you listen to their performance, you will always learn something new each time.
  4. Learn To Tune Of The Tabla And Develop Shruti – Please keep in mind that classical music stimulates every chakra in your body. Each of our seven main notes – Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, – represents a different chakra in your body. Your body will be in perfect balance after you have tuned in to those. This is why someone with sharp hearing may detect an out-of-tune instrument right away. This can only be achieved through attending tabla classes and continuous listening and practice.
  5. Practice And Patience – Nothing beats hard work and consistent effort when it comes to perfecting performance skills. Nobody in music can be alike. Thus, as a beginning tabla student, you may want to be like Ustad Zakir Hussain but don’t expect to get there soon. This is an ongoing learning process. As a result, prepare yourself. Take little, one-by-one steps, pay attention to your tutor tabla classes, and keep practicing.


 Attending online table classes helps you how to control your mind, push yourself to your limits, and grow as a person. So, keep a free mindset and express yourself through music while staying in style.